Snow Removal Services

Snow Plowing In Derry NH"Where can I find a reliable snowplow guy?" 

When you live in southern New Hampshire and need to have your driveway plowed, it can be hard to find a reliable snow removal service you can count on year after year. Many of the larger landscaping companies are only interested in commercial snowplowing. So the residential gap is often filled by weekend warriors who plow driveways for some extra cash.

From day one, I recognized an opportunity to fill a need in the residential market in the area of plowing driveways. Homeowners want a professional, reliable service that is fully insured. Today, Trophy Lawns provides over 350 residential customers with snowplowing services throughout the winter. Many of our clients have been with us for nearly 10 years.

Plowing for businesses too. Although the bulk of our snow removal customers are residential homes, we do service a handful of commercial accounts as well. While most landscapers are grabbing up the big parking lots, there are many small businesses that need a reliable plowing service. We fill that need.

An emphasis on service. We provide our residential snowplowing customers with basic and premier snow removal services. For a small additional fee, our drivers will shovel in front of the garage doors, and/or the front walk. Each driver is assigned to a specific route, so he is familiar with your driveway. This lessens the chance of property damage and assures our clients of a quality job every time.

Roof shoveling too! As an add-on service, Trophy Lawns is available to our clients for roof shoveling of homes, garages, and commercial buildings as well. It isn't often needed; but when you do need it done, you need it done now!