Lawn Services

Best Lawn ServicesIt is an unfortunate truth that, if you live in a neighborhood, people judge you by how good your lawn looks. 

A lawn is the most important part of a suburban landscape. If a homeowner does nothing else in maintaining their yard, they at least have to mow their grass. That said, turfgrass serves many important roles. It provides level place for walking and playing, erosion control, and it visually it breaks up the other areas of the yard like flower beds and mulched planting beds. And, as a groundcover, turfgrass is the least expensive to maintain.

Because it is the cornerstone of any landscape, lawn care services is also the cornerstone of Trophy Lawns. We have a large residential lawn maintenance base throughout Derry, Londonderry, and Windham New Hampshire.

We provide a full range of lawn care services based on what our client needs. It could be that they have better things to do on Saturday morning the to cut their grass. Weekly lawn maintenance services include mowing trimming and blowing down the driveway and walkways. So, when our clients come home, their lawn is cut, their yard is neat, and their plans are all set for the weekend!

Some folks just don't have a green thumb. They want their yard to look the best and to pay a professional to do it. For these clients we offer a full range of lawn services such as:

mowing services   weekly mowing
mowing services   core aeration and detaching
mowing services   top dressing, over seeding

Lawn fertilization services and irrigation are also available through Trophy Lawns. Call us today to be pride of your neighborhood!